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Phidiax Sponsoring Mile High Azure Meetup User Group, Denver - 1/17/2017, Azure Logic Apps and Microservices

Phidiax is sponsoring with food and Azure sessions, Sign up! Mile High Azure Meetup User Group on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 4:00 PM. 

Mark Medrano, Application and Cloud Developer at Phidiax:

  • Azure Logic Apps 101: Logic Apps provide a way to simplify and implement scalable integrations and workflows in the cloud. Learn how use the power of Azure and quickly design complex processes to connect applications, synchronize data, and reuse your existing service infrastructure.

David Milner, Sr Collaboration and Cloud Architect at Phidiax:

  • Connecting Microservices with Azure Logic Apps: The latest Enterprise architecture is moving away from large monolithic apps in favor of smaller microservice apps. This presentation will cover connecting smaller microservice apps in .NET Core and Angular or Aurelia to modern cloud workflow with Azure Logic Apps, adding rich workflow options to modern lightweight web development stacks.

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