Phidiax is a culture where "the technologist" is at the forefront of our team. We strive to maintain a technologist heavy organizational structure, and we focus on being subject-matter experts. We do not get clouded by "red tape," "the consulting machine," or upper-band bosses. Us, as technologists, collaboratively make decisions for the organization's direction. This clears the way for the most important components... expert, efficient deliveries to our Clients ("our Partners").

Our culture is open and supports work-life balance. We travel as necessary but mostly work remote. Our passion is the technology and we pull out all the stops that hinder our focus. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and are rewarded as we contribute to expanding the company. Our preference is like-minded full time members.

When it comes to careers at Phidiax, we are looking for partners.

  • If you are an expert implementer...
  • If you are a leader, or director...
  • If you have an excellent idea...
  • If you can establish a technology vertical...
  • If you are a business developer...
  • If you are just awesome...

We enjoy working and living wherever makes us successful. Our group is geographically diverse.

Our compensation package is robust and includes salary, utilization bonus, and performance bonus. We also have full benefits.

Best of all, you will be eligible for company ownership. We have a small team and you will be pivotal to execution of our plans. This opportunity will provide you with the culture that you have been looking for, while rewarding you with dividends into the future.

We have most appreciation for community contributors: MCTS, VTSP, MVP, MCSM (MCM)

We are looking for the following:

  • Integration Lead/Architect/Developer (BizTalk, AppFabric, Azure, WCF, ESB, SOA, etc.)
  • SOA Architect
  • Director of Business Intelligence
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Lead/Architect/Developer (SQL BI, Big Data, etc.)
  • SharePoint Lead/Architect/Developer
  • Director of System Center
  • System Center Architect/Developer (SCOM, SCCM, VVM, SCSM, etc.)
  • Web Developer and Portals Lead/Architect/Developer (ASP.Net, Web, MVC, HTML5, CSS3, MVVM, etc.)
  • Director of Cloud Services and Azure
  • Azure Lead/Architect/Developer

We would like to hear from you! Contact us at

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