How We Like To Work...

Phidiax operates best when working collaboratively with clients. We thrive on reciprocal exchange of ideas and experience. We are flexible and take pride in working with clients who express ownership in designing software solutions. We work as an extension of your team and provide extensive technical subject-matter expertise in order to collaboratively support and implement your organization's technological vision. Our solution implementations are based upon best practices and standards. We help you navigate complex business challenges and provide elegant solutions to satisfy organizational requirements and support business agility.

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Our Engagement Approach...

Phidiax uses past implementation experience to gauge the complexity of services proposed. This enables us to manage tasks, resource allocation, and staffing. As the project progresses, we understand that scope may change as unforeseen requirements may surface. Phidiax maintains an agile approach and has the ability to factor enhancement into the delivery. All allocated personnel take an active interest in realization of client vision through the extent of the service implementation as well as through future enhancements and application development efforts.

Phidiax believes that communication is essential to seamless delivery. We find that working closely with product teams and stakeholders allows us to understand their vision, requirements, and internal social dynamic much more effectively. Phidiax maintains efforts involving requirements gathering, business analysis, scheduling, providing weekly status, tracking progress, identifying and mitigating risk, facilitating action items, and coordination of facilities, personnel, equipment, and events. Phidiax works closely with the identified client counterpart via necessary forms of communication depending on client expectations.

Phidiax maintains quality of personnel outputs by applying a series of policies and events:

  • Requirement Assessment Checks – This series of internal audits ensure that client expectations are met and exceeded by validating requirements and task items in correlation to milestones.
  • Envisioning Sessions – This is a series of sessions where milestones are evaluated, and additional options and takeaways are provided for future enhancements or logical methods to support organization vision.
  • Deliverable Reviews – This is a series of review sessions where deliverables are analyzed for technical strength. This includes but is not limited to business process management flow review, code review, and static/dynamic code execution review.
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Our Solution Approach...

Phidiax works iteratively from Discovery through Architecture, Implementation, and Test until each phase of the project is complete.

  • Discovery – Elaboration of business requirements, vision, and inputs, as well as communication with product teams and system owners.
  • Architecture – Technical planning and component layout of the solution.
  • Implementation – Technical design and development of components.
  • Test – Execution of controlled procedures to exercise solution correctness.

Throughout this process breakout sessions coordinate product groups and applications in support of solution delivery. This includes advanced communication and testing sessions with client line of business systems and applications.

This lifecycle is accompanied with “as-built” documentation to depict system, architecture, designs, decisions, configuration, deployment, and processes.

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