Modern Datacenter Support

Phidiax recognizes that organizations often find themselves in need of Modern Datacenter Support, and Training assistance. Phidiax subject-matter experts work with your team to ensure that your information technology department and systems are supported according to your service-level-agreement, scheduled or 24/7. Phidiax practitioners collaborate with your staff and conduct structured training courses to facilitate knowledge transfer and technical proficiency of our core competencies.

24/7 Support…

Organizations often require expert staff augmentation on a temporary or permanent basis to contribute to monitoring critical infrastructure. Phidiax partners with you so that we may offer subject-matter experts, and operations support for maintenance and administration. Our support is engineered to meet your organizational technology needs and is comprised from our technology competencies which include:

  • Cloud (Azure, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, Office 365)
  • Integration (Azure, SOA, ESB, BizTalk, Azure, AppFabric, WCF, Web Services)
  • Modern Datacenter (Microsoft System Center, Azure Public/Private Cloud)
  • Data and Visibility (SharePoint, SQL, Business Intelligence, PowerBI)

We add flexibility by structuring a schedule which conforms to your hourly and budgetary expectations. We work with your staff in order to form a team to accomplish daily activities, as well as provide training, leadership, and knowledge transfer. This enables your staff to absorb transition of ownership and responsibility in a real-world setting, at a pace which ensures retention of technology, processes and methodology.

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After acquiring new technologies or committing to a set of methodologies, organizations often require training for usage and best practices. Phidiax partners with you to coordinate specialized training and hands-on labs to assist your staff with the ramp-up process. Our training is led by industry experts and contributors who are practitioners of enterprise solutions. This gives you access to their real-world experience. Phidiax clientele find that the investment in training streamlines the adoption and proper implementation of critical technologies, which increases your return on investment. We focus on practical usage of technology toolsets and help you to navigate common implementation pitfalls.

Our training modules include but are not limited to:

  • BizTalk (Developer, Implementation, Administrator, ESB)
  • Integration (SOA, WCF)
  • AppFabric (Hosting, Cache)
  • System Center (Suite of Tools, Operations Manager)
  • SharePoint (Developer, Implementation, Administrator)
  • Business Intelligence (Developer, Implementation, Administrator)

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