Our Story, Our Mission...

Phidiax, LLC is a Denver, Colorado company established in 2009, and is a Microsoft Managed Gold Partner Systems Integrator. We are a leading solution provider of Microsoft Azure Cloud, and Microsoft custom software applications. Our mission is to provide consultative guidance and implementation expertise to our clients in the capacity of custom software implementation and subject-matter experts on the Microsoft technology stack (Azure, BizTalk, SharePoint, SQL, BI, System Center, and Office 365). The employee structure is flat in order to support equality, ownership, and focus on technology, architecture, and client satisfaction. All employees are architect-level and have vast experiences leading and implementing client engagements.

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What Drives Us...

As a consolidated services provider, Phidiax’s customer service philosophy is vital to its success. Phidiax minimizes error by remaining focused on our competencies. As leading industry contributors, we maintain a clear grasp on the developing technology footprint. Through client collaboration and solution delivery we translate the technology into usable information so that organizations can make better informed decisions when it comes to their technology direction and implementation plans. Phidiax, as a brand, embodies the concept of “elegant design.” We provide options to achieve client vision, then execute with precision and take ownership in our deliveries. We stand by our outputs and ensure that expectations are met and exceeded.

The management approach at Phidiax surrounds the concepts of Ability, Empowerment, and Ownership. Phidiax personnel are industry leaders and expert technologists. Our passion lies with solution implementation; we are technology evangelists.

This Ability creates an incredibly powerful force of knowledge and drive which extends to our client teams and client stakeholders.

Phidiax is the vehicle used to Empower our personnel and to ensure that our efforts are contributing to a greater cause.

Ownership is our way of ensuring that our efforts are well thought-out and in line with the organizational vision while minimizing client stress.

This can be observed through a continuous feedback loop where our lessons learned from all facets of our implementations are factored into more efficient offerings and approaches as we add to our experiences. This directly translates to an evolving stream of services and is integral to our total quality improvement plan. This also fosters a relationship that is both successful at levels of technology and social team cohesiveness. The overall approach is substantiated by all Phidiax personnel holding ownership stake within the company. We are an employee owned company.

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What We Do...

Phidiax is a Microsoft Managed Gold Systems Integrator and Software Consulting Services Provider. We offer engagement services to help our clients achieve business objectives and overcome technological challenges. Our primary focus is engineering custom solutions on the Microsoft technology stack.

What We Do For You...

Phidiax works closely with organizations to implement the software development life-cycle (discover, architect, design, delivery, training) in order to provide enterprise-grade solutions that improve the Return on Investment (ROI) in your technology infrastructure and application-base. Phidiax deliveries are primarily comprised of components which live on the Microsoft .Net platform. We engineer solutions within the competencies that most contribute to the overall technology success of your organization.

  • Cloud
  • Integration
  • Modern DataCenter
  • Data and Visibility
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Our Solutions...

Phidiax engineers extensive custom software solutions which span business verticals and solve the most complex business challenges. We operate to bring your organization's technological vision to reality. Phidiax subject-matter experts have comprehensive expertise and the ability to visualize and Discover business requirements, Architect responsive solutions, Implement critical components, and Deliver to your organization's stakeholders.

We engineer Reusable components for continued common component usability. We are passionate about designing Scalable and Performance-based systems to satisfy critical business requirements. Since flow of information may cross system boundaries, Interoperability is integral. We understand that scope may change as business requirements mature. For this reason, we pay close attention to Maintainability and code reuse. We apply a modular design approach to components and are attentive to mitigation of how changes affect the many facets of the solution. Security planning is an important aspect of solution architecture; we take great strides to understand the expected security footprint, as well as how it aligns to the environment topology.

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Our Team...

Phidiax Subject-Matter-Experts are decorated with elite Microsoft credentialing including Microsoft Virtual Technology Specialist, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, and Microsoft Certified Professional. This ensures that you are consistently working with the top echelon of talent. We work seamlessly with your team to elegantly solve complex business challenges and deliver comprehensive software solutions. Learn more about our team members here.

We are interested in hearing about your technical vision and look forward to working with you and your team.

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